PRCC is Open and Affirming!

As of May 1, 2022 Park Ridge Community Church has officially adopted the following Open and Affirming Covenant, further cementing our commitment to ensuring all are truly welcome!

Park Ridge Community Church affirms all people are made in the image of God and are worthy of God’s love and grace. With God’s help, we covenant to accept one another in diversity of faith and love, seeking to promote a sense of belonging for all — to be a place for the whole person to feel both fully known and safe. 


This church values the richness of the world around us, in our congregation, and in our staff. We celebrate the participation and contributions of people of all ages; races and ethnicities; sexual orientations; gender identities and expressions; economic circumstances; family structures; physical, cognitive and emotional abilities; and faith traditions.


We commit to the ongoing work of being a church journeying together to deepen our understanding of the nature of God’s love and to fulfill our responsibility to embody the Christ Spirit in the world.

This Covenant has been added to our existing Statement of Purpose:

We desire to associate ourselves in a fellowship of the Christ Spirit and covenant to accept one another in diversity of faith, supporting each other in love and respect. The fellowship that is our church grows from and builds upon the traditions of the various Christian Churches of the centuries. 


We intend as individuals to grow in our understanding of the true nature of God and the way of life taught by Jesus Christ. Unity with God is the goal, Jesus Christ is our way, the Bible is our greatest resource, and the Church is our visible, sustaining fellowship.


As members of this church we shall go forward together in freedom, supporting one and other; seeking continually to learn more of the true nature of God and his purpose.