Park Ridge Community Church is organized in a tradition of self-government as is the Congregational Church custom. We are affiliated with the United Church of Christ, but our community works autonomously to determine our worship practices, overall mission and outreach. As a congregation we establish the church budget, hire staff, and conduct the church's ongoing business. 

Our church provides its members the privilege and duty of exercising their special talents which God has given them in service and fellowship opportunities. The following committees and groups provide for the overall care, management, direction, and deliver of services to the congregation. 

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of twelve members of the Board of Directors, as specified in the by-laws; meeting every odd-numbered month to advise and aid the Officers and committees in all matters concerning the affairs of the church and conduction of its business. The Executive Committee is under the general direction & control of the Board of Directors.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of the Church Officers, specific Chairs or representatives of committees within the church. The Board meets once every even-numbered month to handle all matters not specifically reserved in the by-laws to the members of the church or to the ministers.


Teams of ushers, comprised of 5-6 men and women, serve for one month on a rotating basis. Ushers are responsible for doors, lights, altar candles, recording worship services, and more importantly, greeting and directing congregants and assisting newcomers, collecting prayer cards and Sunday tithes, among other duties. 

Christian Outreach

Christian Outreach Committee identifies, promotes and  coordinates service activities for the congregation. This committee consists of PRCC members who are dedicated to reaching out in faith and joining in loving service with others. This committee promotes direct personal involvement of church members in mission projects and service projects.


The Finance Committee is responsible for the care and administration of the congregation’s finances. The Finance Committee meets monthly.​


The purpose of the Membership Committee is to help visitors and guests to our Church feel welcome and to make sure the needs of current members are being met. The Membership Committee meets monthly.


A small group of adult members of the congregation oversee and support the activities of the middle and high school youth group. 


The trustees are responsible for the care and upkeep of the church building and other properties of the church. The Trustees meet monthly.


The Social Committee plans and hosts various social events specifically for families or the entire congregation throughout the year. Events may range in scope and variety, such as Consecration Sunday Brunch, an Advent Potluck Dinner and Easter Sunday Breakfast. 

Arts and Decor

The Arts and Decor Committee recommends and oversees improvements to the interior decor of the church, such as furniture and paint color selection.

Officers, Committee Chairs, Members of the Board & Executive Committees



Chair of the Congregation: Naomi Siebert

Vice Chair of the Congregation:

Dan Smith

Anita Rifkind
Receipts Treasurer:

Tim Mauery


Sarah Chacko

Kate Joyce

Committee Chairs

Board of Directors:

Naomi Siebert

Executive Committee:

Naomi Siebert
Board of Trustees:

Chris Chandler

Dan Smith
Christian Outreach:

Jamie Knoblauch

Creation Care:

Tricia Williams

Faith Development:

Sue Laurie


Sara Born & Sue Douglass

Siri Nelson & Colleen Moriarty

Arts and Decor:

Marylynn Collentine
Senior Contact:

Julie Bruno & Kimberly Walters

Candace McGuffey
Stephen Ministry:

Ginny Feurer

Staff Parish Relations:

Julie Smith & Susie Hollingsworth

Tim Lapp

Andrea Goodwin

Board of Directors

Contingency Fund

Michael Maher

Endowment Fund:

Scott Hollingsworth
Capital Replacement Fund:

Eugene Jarvis
Memorial Gifts:

Stephanie Laginess

President of the Choir:

Bill Scharringhausen
Sunday School Facilitator:

Shelley O'Brien

Standing Committees

Publicity Committee:

Office staff

Nominating Committee:

Rev. Carol Hill, Kyrie Nelson, Tricia Williams, Dave Kapolnek, Sarah McCarty,  Naomi Siebert, Sue Douglass, & Dave Swanson

Worship Committee Chair:

Rachel Lapp

Structure Committee Chair:

Chris Chandler